Shoshana Zuboff on Surveillance Capitalism

Outdoor experiences are an antidote to the web. The way online worlds creep into our offline worlds is worthy of examination. This is a theme I want to come to a lot and it drives some of my outdoor art making. I like that, by and large, if you leave your device behind, and navigate with a map and compass, you are invisible to the inernet. The art you make with marks on paper or canvas is invisible to the internet. The outdoors is the analogue world our ancestors evolved in. There is a lot of stuff about Shoshana Zuboff out there but at 50 minutes this is neither too long nor too short and is visually interesting, better than watching her lecture. The other really good person on this is artist and journalist James Bridle.

Dresden – 75 years on

A very interesting episode of this excellent radio show on BBC Radio 4. Touches on how geography, namely East Germany before the wall came down, still influences German politics today. Also bits about the idea of transnational nationalism (ie fascism in cyberspace) is a result of this history. Good stuff about art and how it also becomes politicised, for good or ill. Lots of resonance with current rise in populism and what is happening to art in Poland under a populist government. (see my Flipboard magazine for more on this.)

The Attention Economy

"Feeling the need to check your smartphone, like or post on social media? Then you're part of the attention economy. David Grossman discovers why it's so hard to resist the billion-dollar industry of digital distraction." Radio 4 radio show, The New Age of Capitalism How our economy works is changing through the internet. It is …

artemisdreaming: Installations across NYC depict kids in cages…

artemisdreaming: Installations across NYC depict kids in cages with audio of children crying. Protesting the separation of families and detention of children in cages happening at US Mexico border. The installations are being dismantled by police. Kids at our border are living in cages. This stops now. Sharing is an act of protest.