Local Internet

I went out to look for the internet locally and found it under my feet. About Local Internet

River Bones

Pictures and a poem about flooding and how it shows the history of a place.

Walking Poem

https://youtu.be/Gx8G84ZPrps I wanted to bring together poetry and place by embedding words in landscape. Much of my art making involves walking and exploring boundaries between the digital and the analogue, online and offline, words as performance and as text. I am interested in art as research, art as adventure and the outdoors as art. This …

Performing Distancing

Performing Distancing

Social distancing was introduced to the UK around March 17, 2020 On the basis that art and performance can be used as research, to explore and express personal experience, I wondered what would happen if I walked through Carlisle town centre maintaining 2m social distancing, but do it as performance, choreographed like a dance or …