Yoni Lappin – A Sense of Place – Urban Britain Global Talent

I came across Yoni Lappin through the Mura Masa video, 'Move Me.' Move Me conveys a strong sense of place, urban Britain at it's best. There is a great feeling of performers coming from a whole number of different backgrounds, professionals and amateurs, and that performance is a day to day occurrence for the people involved. This connects a place and performance nicely and introduces people and artists for whom every day is art and theatre, which is why Britain (as with other mixed cultural places) produces such talent and innovation in the arts. Then looking at other video's it's clear that this mix is not just British. The world is a mix of people. The world is full of talent.

A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition: Why You Are Not Your Brain

Coming from the world of outdoor and experiential learning and then the arts and the arts therapies, it seems clear that we think with our bodies as well as our brains. Dancers and climbers both do this. As do joiners and sculptors, painters and decorators and artists. Art as research or art a way of exploring and expressing personal experience connects directly to embodied cognition, but the output of exploration or research is art and experience. If we are seeking models for understanding art making experiences and or outdoor experiences, embodied cognition is a kind of conduit to shift ideas from one context to another.

The Spiritual Side of Performance – Hyperallergic

This goes with Rhirhi talking about unity below. The spirit does not care what colour you are, or what gender you are, or what religion you are. Art and performance have had an ancient connection to spirituality, with ritual playing a big part in creating unity. The Celts put precious objects in water to connect with the gods and most ancient artform has a connection to the spirit or to gods. Pat B Allen, creator of Open Studio Process, a form of art therapy talks about art as 'spritual technology.' Irving Lavin the renouned art historian says art is art history and as such is a 'natural science of the spirit.' What is interesting about this article is that this performance series has now developed a history, after, as Justin Hoover the curator observes, the energy of the performance harks back to the 60's. There is also reference to performative element in which the inclusion for performers is based on interest and not competence. This seems to be in the spirit of art as a form of personal research.

From Chip Shop to Theatre Lab

Article about an old chip shop being turned into a theatre. Has lots of interesting aspects. The localness of a theatre occupying a space that would have been a well known and well used local amenity. It is also described as a 'lab' so a place where people can experiment with ideas. The arts need incubation spaces for young artists to try out their work without too much financial or cultural burdens. The creator, Julia Negus, says 'Its flexibility means it can become what you want it to be and its hire structure is priced so it’s affordable for the one-offs - the experiments, scratches and failures.'


PRINCIPIA DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY DECEMBER  6th – 22nd, 2019 I am delighted to invite you all to my upcoming exhibition PRINCIPIA opening at Dominik Mersch Gallery this Friday December 6th with a reception from 6pm-8pm. A durational performance will also be staged in the gallery on Saturday, December 7th between 12pm–5pm. It would be wonderful to see …

Praise You

This is a link to a radio programme here about Bertholt Brecht, activist and theatre practitioner. It is about his poem 'Vergnügungen'. One of the contributors talked about how the poem, just 16 lines, came out of an adventure journey he took, fleeing the Nazi party. She relates how he moved to Denmark, then Sweden, …

Jarvis Cocker and Jeremy Deller Create Arts Festival Celebrating Edale and the Peak

In a BBC Radio 4 programme Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and artist Jeremy Deller talk about a walking trail they've made in the Peak District. Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie present a feast of great music and chat for weekend breakfast. Jarvis is reputed to have started Pulp when he was on the dole in …