This Is The Kit – Outdoors as Art Idea

Make a video of your choice by playing outdoors.

Arts education gives learners source ideas they can use to develop their own work. This source idea uses performance and music and play outdoors and do the ‘outdoor activity’ thing, but do it as art. You could use this as an idea to make your own video outdoors as art.


  • Be in a place like this, outdoors, where you have permission for access to film and your risk assessments done.
  • Get the kit:-
  • Wetsuits if it is wet or use some other suitable clothing.
  • A couple of GoPro or cheap waterproof cameras.
  • Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
  • Get a phone in a bag or a waterproof case.
  • To do this your group should:-
  • Get consensus on a song you all want to goof about to outdoors and film yourself doing stuff like this.
  • Get into the kit to get wet/muddy/scared whatever.
  • Do this with a tame instructor.
  • Go do stuff and film it.
  • Use the phone and the speaker to play the track outdoors.
  • Do lip sync, dance, do stuff in time to the music.
  • Have a shy person appointed a tech to keep track of what you do at various point in the track.
  • And
  • Try and have the soundtrack recorded in situ.
  • Come back and use a pc or mac or device to get all the bits of stuff you filmed.
  • Put the soundtrack down under the clips in the app (Adobe Premier, Final Cut X etc)
  • Now put the clips in order. The visuals are already ready to sync as you all sang along to it in time like Karaoke.
  • Render it down to whatever format you want.
  • Talk about rights and responsibilities. If this goes on YouTube or Vimeo, do all participants have age-appropriate permissions. Talk about ‘The Toothpaste Tube’ ie once you squeeze the tube and the toothpaste comes out, you cannot put it back. Your image/data on the interweb is the same. Once it is out there it cannot be put back. Watch this then… Put it on Facebook or whatever, but remember that Facebook or whatever will then most likely own it.
  • Given that people understand risks and responsibilities, distribute it and share it.
  • Laugh about it with friends.

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And so the outside, it bashes us in

Bashes us about a bit

Feel it tugging you, ploughing you flat

Then feel it filling your sails

And warm on your back

This is The Kit – Bashed Out