8 creative ways to fill a sketchbook

Watercolourist Kate Osborne opens up her sketchbook to show you some inventive ways to develop your ideas. But the perfect sketchbook? There are many ideas about it, but no blueprint for it and no rules about how to use it. Traditionally a sketchbook has been a place for artists to record what they see, particularly when travelling. But today there are quite a lot of rather perfect looking sketchbooks on social media, which, although decidedly gorgeous, can be quite daunting to use as your model. Sketchbooks are, inevitably, often full of “failures”, scribbles and notes made on the road to working out your ideas.

Feeling Artsy? Here’s How Making Art Helps Your Brain – NPR

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Great article about what art making does for your mind and body. Drawing is a core skill but may be seen as irrelevant if you do not wish to be an artist who's art is drawing. This helps explain how drawing does all sorts of stuff that helps you see, predict, perceive, reflect, feel, imagine and lots of other things useful to all art making and generally being a functioning organism.