Feeling Artsy? Here's How Making Art Helps Your Brain – NPR

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Great article about what art making does for your mind and body. Drawing is a core skill but may be seen as irrelevant if you do not wish to be an artist who's art is drawing. This helps explain how drawing does all sorts of stuff that helps you see, predict, perceive, reflect, feel, imagine and lots of other things useful to all art making and generally being a functioning organism.

Even a small amount of creativity can help you cope with modern life, reveals new research by BBC Arts and UCL

Good news for those juggling time-pressures in today’s busy, modern life. According to ground breaking research commissioned by BBC Arts, even the briefest time spent on a creative pastime such as painting, pottery or playing the piano, has an impact on our wellbeing and emotions. In the largest study of its kind, with almost 50,000 …