Learning by doing

A big thing for me regards art is that it is a doing thing. You learn by making something and doing something. Call it embodied cognition, experiential learning, craft, performance or spritual technology, this post just shows how clever bodies are. Art, craft, cookery, whatever this is, it is amazing. Knowing through doing.

Pottery Meets Experimental Animation in this Spinning Ceramic Phonotrope

Given a pot is made on a spinning potters wheel, I can see how this idea took form. Follow the link to the original article and there is a short movie about the making of the pot. It shows how the conception and execution would require the application of maths, geometry, physics, chemistry, and imagination. I like the way the image of a bird taking flight shows how birds fly off into a headwind with their wings static and simply extended to increase lift from the tree. The tree moves like it is being buffeted by wind. It is so well observed. Also at the foot of the page are links to a lot more artworks which apply the principle of the Phonotrope and the Zeotrope.

Moving Space Manifesto

This idea grew out of stuff I read about arts manifestos. Some people love them, some hate them. Moving Space Manifesto gives a snapshot of how outoors as / art / as research works. As my understanding changes, my manifesto will change.