Walking Poem

https://youtu.be/Gx8G84ZPrps I wanted to bring together poetry and place by embedding words in landscape. Much of my art making involves walking and exploring boundaries between the digital and the analogue, online and offline, words as performance and as text. I am interested in art as research, art as adventure and the outdoors as art. This …

Feral Attraction – outdoors as / art / as research

Feral Attraction – outdoors as / art / as research

I visited the Cumbria University staff show and was drawn to this work by the artistic partnership Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson. It captured a combination of the outdoors as art and art as research, showing a long-established mode of working combining the outdoors, art and research.

Reflective Locations

This is a post about French conceptual artist Salomé-Charlotte Camors. She uses art as research and says 'Research is fundamental in my work – probably more than technics because the meaning is the only thing that really matters to me and I have to transcribe this meaning in my work in an understandable way for the viewer.'