Please use my contact form here to book a Moving Space Production.


This production uses art as a way to explore and research a place or an environment.

Work would involve an arts education approach. Source materials about landscape in art, or land art, or archive images or fictional accounts of the place to be explored would be shared with participants.

The medium involved would be agreed beforehand, be it movie-making, or poetry, or dance. Materials would be prepared in advance to ensure aesthetic proficiency and a series of experiential events would occur and art would be made.

The final phase would be sharing or making an exhibition in the venue or on-line and a private url could be shared with people the participants want to see involved.


Re-Search works with art and reportage to exlore a chosen topic or issue.

Ideas about research, journalism, documentary making and other more aesthetic forms would be shared.

Work would take place over a series of sessions with a model of experiential learning guiding the process. The form these could take would vary and could involve anything from interviews to documentation to film-making, or prose of poetry.

In the end the materials and what the research found could be shared or distributed in a journalistic or documentary form. This could range from online storytelling to the production of ePub document or other ebook format, or a gallery or exposition.


Flow is a health based production.

Art would be made but in a relaxing atmosphere.

The model would be Pat B Allens Open Studio Process in which a person is invited to reflect the process of art making as a form of moving meditation.

Processing is non-invasive. Participants are encouraged to connect with the experience of art making as a means to achieve peacefulness and fulfillment or creativity. But share their experiences with others if appropriate.


Poiesis is about just making stuff.

The medium used would be agreed first and the work would be about how the medium worked.

Again support and source materials would be used extensively.

Poiesis explores the positive feelings that go with making something, but the emphasis would be more on a sense of craft or skillfulness and mastery.

Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense explores creativity.

It uses playfulness to invite people to let go of the normal day to day thought patterns that run their day.

On the basis that necessity is the mother of invention and the truth in what Orson Welles said that ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.’ playfulness is balanced by inviting people to work with minimal choices and reseorces to find ways to invent new ways to do things.

Backed up with reflective sessions and supported by recent ideas and evidence of how our imagination works, the benefits of collaboration for invention is explored.


Drum’n’bass is loud and simple.

Music is played through a PA. A variety of musical instruments, focussing on drumming and instruments to make basslines are made available. People make loud rhythmic sounds.

Support would be given using visual or auditory cues and musical forms would iterate and repeat. Over time, and through digital recording music tracks or happening would be created.

The best work would be edited out and shared with participants as CD or as data, offline or online.


Strut is Moving Space Productions dance workshop.

Starting with simple steps and moves a dance is choreographed.

Each step is recorded and used as a prompt for people who do not know their left foot from their right foot.

Sourse footage is also used to guide the development of dance moves and choreography and a wide variety of music styles is available.

The show ends with a show, either for an audience of for camera. Footage is shared after the event.

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