It ain’t fair

A whole bunch of experiential learners exploring and expressing their experience of life through art, in this case Funk. We learn from experience in the doing and the senses and art is the embodiment of that experience.

First from 1996, Alto Saxophone: Maceo Parker Tenor Saxophone: Pee Wee Ellis Trombone: Fred Wesley Organ: Will Boulware Guitar: Bruno Speight Bass: Jerome Preston Drums: Jamal Thomas. ‘Gimme Some More’

And from 2017 The Roots feat. Bilal: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. They start with Maceo’s ‘Gimme Some More’ then remind us that their experience 30 years later has changed little and still ain’t fair.

And finally a superb movie about that experience.

Not that for a moment would I suggest you skip forward but the bit at 50 minutes is sublime syncopation transcendent in its quality. They then do a pure analogue fade by simply obeying the inverse square law and backing off the mics. Embodiment at it’s best.

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