Folk Music

I was raised on classical music, show tunes and folk music. I discovered rock, reggae, techno, thrash etc etc. I love it all. But I was always struck by what John D Loudermilk said, (a ‘Folk Singer’ from the US of A) when asked what folk music was. He replied ‘Well I ain’t never seen no horse playin’ a guitar.’

People play folk music the world over, and tell us about their lives, their strife, their loves, their woes. This song is from the borders, a land with a long history of strife and conflict, bloodshed and blackmail. The Reivers coined the phrase. I like the idea that folk music in Brixton is the same as folk music from Hexham. Here’s a toast to our differences and to our commonalities. Like Rhianna says of strife, ‘ You break bread with me, you like me, it’s our problem.’

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