Drawing what some imaginary people might be looking at.

I like the idea of drawing what some imaginary people might be looking at.

Zannnie’s post below…

So this is my drawing. When I made this, it was sunset in Estonia at about 10:30pm. To me it didn’t seemed like sleeping time, it was more like evening time. As the people in the drawing prompt were looking upwards, I could have drawn something like the stars, meteor showers or a large strange creature totally fiction. The fourth person in the brown shorts seemed to be making a frown, I was thinking he might be disagreeing with the first person (whose in sandals). The first imagination was an amazing sunset that she was pointing at. She’s possibly the elder child and they seemed to be a family. The original drawing prompt was of a woman in horizontal stripe skirt holding the hand of a smaller girl. This place seemed to be somewhere in the southeast asia like Malaysia or Indonesia (maybe) because parents here don’t normally hold the kids’ hands when they’re outside. Since their hair color is dark brown, the Dad’s hair is a little reddish, I think this family could be bilingual or even trilingual. 

What do you think they’re saying?

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