Zoom Flashmob follow-up

Thanks to everybody who attended Zoom Flashmob. Hope you are all well.

I am just doing some follow-up.

Below is a 15 minute movie I made of the session. I put it up on my website for ease of use but it is not connected to any outside link and I have shared the url only with EEE on linkedin today.

I include this to show how

a) you can edit together a storyline or make a simple movie clip from what we do on Zoom (the first 5 minutes), and how

b) you can do performance online (the YMCA bit) and

c) you can explore and develop experiential learning activities online (the game with the ball.) We did some other neat things but to include all would make the movie too long.

People talked at the end of Zoom Flashmob about being interested in more exploration of how to do experiential learning activities online. No doubt this was a preference for many of the workshops but regards Zoom Flashmob I would like to ask if anybody is interested in doing more of the following.

a) Working in Zoom to produce web based movies or clips that may be used to promote or support your work.

b) Working with ideas and practices for performance online, as experiential learning or as standalone performance and theatre.

c) Revisiting Zoom as a vehicle to explore, practice and prepare online experiential learning activities.

Regards the content of the above movie this is only on this web page and, unless you have the URL, it is not in the public domain. But if we do anything that goes into the public domain or onto your website or a clients website, we need to agree on permissions.

Finally. I did do 20 years of experiential education but have not much (for that read done none) for the last 10 years, and nothing online, and I think it showed in my workshop. So sorry and thanks for your patience.

Contact me through my contact form above, or leave a comment below.

Also, following up on Sergio’s suggestions in his workshop to account for bandwidth when working online could you also check the above video which is smaller and the bigger more bandwidth-heavy video and let me know if either of the movies does not stream well from WordPress as both got a bit choppy at my end when I viewed them. Thanks.

Chris Reed

Oh, and please keep exercising in lockdown.

Larger video file.