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Moving Space is the creative and commercial outlet for Chris Reed. I work with art as research to explore and express personal experience.

This blog invites conversation and collaboration about thinking, doing and making art as research and experiential learning. Like all art, it is work in progress. Whilst art form can speak for itself, what it says to each viewer is subjective and variable. Art as research, being experiential, does not produce the objective outcomes of scientific research. Once it is released it is free to roam where it wishes. So to give the content some direction, whatever appears here is curated with the intention of introducing ideas that could be used by experiential educators, art practitioners and health professional. More importantly, I also advocate for the idea that by it’s very nature, art making is a form experiential learning and research in itself.

Input to the site will be through the blog and will include links to artists who work with art as research and the outdoors as art, connections to academic and practice based discussions and documents, and description and exposition of my personal arts practice as research and experiential learning. Post are all tagged, and over time, pages with themed collections will be created to reflect interests and elements emerging through research.

The site is also the outlet for bespoke Moving Space Productions, making art as personal research. Each production is a unique experiential learning event, tailor-made to suit purpose, people and place, and undertaken as a work of art. Each production will start with a negotiated but clearly stated intention, a preparation phase where skills and knowledge are developed, and an active making art phase. All productions finish with a showing or exposition of what was made and what was learned, online and/or offline.

If you are interested in conversation, collaboration or commissioning work please contact me on the contact link.

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  1. Wow, this was fascinating especially because I have been a bit more educated on art like this after beginning to read, “How to Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell. She relates a lot about experiential art to make her very profound thoughts on worldview. Well done, here Chris Reed. Thank you. ~~Jane

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