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My name is Chris Reed. I am an HCPC registered Drama and Movement Therapist with 30+years of professional practice in experiential and outdoor learning in the UK, EU and USA, and a BSc in Human Ecology.

I make art outdoors to explore and express personal experience.

My intention is to use this website to show and share ways that this may be done.

I hope, that by sharing through my blog, I can promote conversation and collaboration to explore creative ways of understanding and practising art-making and experiential and outdoor learning, to broaden participation in the arts and the outdoors. 

Wandering around in the pouring rain in North Cumbria doing strange things in the name of art has revealed many benefits and opportunities. These include…

  • Helping me to promote and maintain my physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Deepening my relationship with the outdoors, particularly with local places within walking distance of my home.
  • Broadening my understanding of the human ecology of the outdoor places I explore.
  • Revealing deep connections between nature, art-making and experiential learning as creative and adventurous phenomena.
  • Enabling me to work with art-making as a form of research to explore and express personal experience.
  • Showing me how one can work with art-making and outdoor experiences as performance. 

I want to start with practical examples from my own art making and that of artists and arts practitioners, together with related ideas and practices, and curate these together around themes of particular interest to educators, health professional, artists and anyone who likes the arts and the outdoors.

Content will appear as regular posts on my blog (see above) and then be curated as regular themed collections, developing ideas, sharing practice, showing art and following connections, which will be shown below. 

My Moving Space Newsfeed can be found at the bottom of the page with items about the art world and the outdoors.

The timescale on this is likely to be variable, depending on my commitments, the weather and what is happening in my arts practice. Just treat it as an adventure in walking arts therapy.

Latest Collection

Solway Walk – Walking an Image of an Idea of Art as Experiential Learning

Solway Walk – Introduction

Introducing walking an image of an idea of experiential learning.

Solway Walk – The Experience

About the actual experience of walking an image of an idea on a beach on the Solway Firth.

Solway Walk – Thinking and Reporting

Reflecting on my experience of my Solway Walk.

Solway Walk – How to Perform a Walk

Introducing Augusto Boal’s ideas about performance as a creative space for experiential learning.

Solway Walk – The Epistemic Object

Some ideas about the use of art making and the art objects as modes of enquiry or knowledge production. Attached document available for download below.

Solway Walk – Helen Cox – Writing

The first in a series of posts with words by poets and writers who know the Solway. This one is by author Helen Cox

Solway Walk – Human Ecology

The penultimate post for the Solway Walk series about the human ecology of the place.

Solway Walk – Dorothy Margaret Paulin – Writing

The second in a series of posts with words by poets and writers who know the Solway.

Solway Walk – Moving On

A return to look at the art as experiential learning model befor moving on.

Solway Walk – A Last Word

A last word. This came out of the first few lines. Not sure what it means, except I will return to the Solway

Solway Walk – Map Art

Making a map to express some ideas and experiences of the Solway.

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