Estudi d’un Camp

Paula Bruna is an artist working in Spain engaged in artistic research studying the ecological conflicts of contemporary society. She has a BA in Environmental Sciences and an MA in Fine Art at the University of Barcelona.

This post is a link to the Temporal School of Experimental Geography. This is an itinerant network of artists sharing ideas and responses to landscape through fieldwork. Their intention is to explore and consider the geographic potential of artist-led fieldwork, and the experience and meaning of these practices to contribute to our collective understanding of place.

Paula Bruna’s personal website can be found at or at TSOEG here.

She writes of the origin of the work ‘A Study of a Camp’.

In October 2017, the Centre for Art and Nature Farrera (in the Spanish Pyrenees) invited me to participate in l’Aplec Saó, an annual day of art and nature. The conceptualization and realization of my intervention, specific to the place and the event, was carried out during the previous 15 days of residency in the center. The proposal was the following:

In contrast to the immensity of the landscape offered by the views of Farrera, I have proposed to focus on the small scale. For 10 days I have studied a pasture field, characteristic of this valley. The process is collected in a set of small installations that make up a personal interpretation of this place.

Project documentation at instagram/estudiduncamp

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