Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump – Art as Research

This is a great use of photography as research. Of particular interest is the power of the snapshot, the image we take without thinking, rather than the 'artistic' image we make through a deliberate act with a clear aesthetic, political or personal intention. Posting, showing or sharing a snapshot, however, is deliberate and gives us insight into the photographer as much as the thing being photographed.

I took down my poem, 'Going Viral' as, given the current situation, it is not a helpful contribution.

Learning by doing

A big thing for me regards art is that it is a doing thing. You learn by making something and doing something. Call it embodied cognition, experiential learning, craft, performance or spritual technology, this post just shows how clever bodies are. Art, craft, cookery, whatever this is, it is amazing. Knowing through doing.