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Art as Learning . Learning as Research

Moving Space explores the use of art to understand and examine experience. It uses approaches to learning that are experiential, including ideas and practices from outdoor learning, dramatherapy and theatre. It draws on the theories and practices of art-based research emerging out of arts education and the arts therapies. Moving Space and are run by Chris Reed, and based in Cumbria, UK.

Moving Space delivers work with art as learning with individuals and groups, through a number of Moving Space Productions. It uses experiential approaches to learning with an emphasis on art making, including visual art, photography and film making, writing, dance, performance and theatre, music making and dramatherapy. Work with art in an outdoor setting is of particular interest.

Part of the purpose of is also the promotion of arts as learning and learning as research more broadly. As such discussion and collaboration is invited from anyone interested in learning conciously from experience but particularly practitioners and academics in the arts and experiential outdoor learning on-line and face to face.

Blog posts and static pages will introduce ideas through discussion of ideas about art generally, about the experience of art making including my own arts practice, and through reference to theory and practices emerging out of the arts therapies and the arts in higher education.

Visitors are invited to respond to the content of the site and collaborate through comments. The hope is that this will develop into online and face to face contact and work with collaborative art making.

The site has a number of menus and drop-downs in the left column navigating to pages and posts and a site map, tags and categories and other navigation devices below the text on each page. 

The main sections are…


The blog is updated with posts linking to interesting and useful content elsewhere on the web. It also has nested pages with various headings, all contributing to general discussion.

Art as Experience

Discusses ideas about art generally but explores ideas about art as a form of experiential learning both in formal education and in terms of personal arts practice and art making.

Art as Research

Discusses art as research in terms ranging from making art as play in which one simply explores ‘what happens if…’ to more formal ‘Art as Research’ relating to formal research in the arts therapies and university education.


Discusses experiential and outdoor learning as if it were performance. The intention is to explore ways in which theories and practices in experiential and outdoor learning may benefit from exposure to and application of ideas of performance and performance studies from theatre and higher education.

Arts Practice 

Introduces and explores arts practice. This will include the practices of working artists and my own arts practice. The focus is on the act of art making, particularly with reference to art which explores our sense of place, including offline and online places.


This is a guide to the Moving Space Productions available for work with individuals and groups, delivered by Chris Reed

All in all it is kind of a growing organic thing and will change over time. But everything has to start somewhere.

If you would like collaborate in exploring the experience of art and performance as research, indoors or outdoors, please message me through the ‘Contact’ form in the menu left or through the link here.

Chris Reed